We have one of those streetlights on our corner that turns on and off at the slightest provocation. This is all very amusing, but I was hoping to see the snow falling in its glow, and it extinguished as I crossed the room, leaving me to stare out into a pale snowy haze, for while it is certainly dark now, it never gets that dark in a snowstorm. So... back in the studio. I am sitting in it now. This is, in fact, the best studio I've ever had. Despite its lack of a sink and smallish size, it has a big window with a spectacular view, and is relatively warm.

Looks like people back home on the Islands are actually having a snow day. I just stayed home because I'm sick.

I have *actually* been making some stuff during this long absence (see, I was using my time wisely).

Here's what I've done:

lilac snowdrop  lilac snowdrop  lilac snowdrop, inside

I made a rough pattern from scraps, then put together a shoulder bag....

the easiest, coolest thing ever

My awesome boyfriend and I used my new printer to make wintergreen transfers. This is incredibly easy. All the tools are in the picture. Essentially, you paint wintergreen oil onto a freshly laser printed or photocopied page, which you have placed face down on some fabric, then rub the image with the back of a spoon until it transfers.

ready to print

I've been dyeing fabric this winter. I have numerous pots and buckets in varying stages of completion. This is quebracho, madder and lac. I got it ready to print on yesterday, but felt too ill to make it past the first layer.