fresh tracks

066 Sunday morning when I got up, there were fresh little cat tracks in the new snow outside our door. Higher up the driveway, and on the bank, deer with their ungulate toes have left haphazard, crisscrossing prints. The day's snowfall was lovely, light and constant. We snowshoed up a ridge through beautiful snow ghosted trees and then snowboarded down through deep, soft powder. It was thrilling, except that I'm not very good at snowboarding yet, and when I fell in the powder, it was hard to get up. Needless to say, the whole experience was over much too soon. I'll be back for more powder surfing as soon as possible.


The new snow really freshens up the neighborhood. Everything looks prettier iced in white, and the long dripping icicles and frozen waterfalls are exquisite. In keeping with the new year and the societal push that comes with it, I shall attempt to refresh this little blog. Somewhere along the busy and indulgently relaxing course of December, the act of writing fell by the wayside. The revival comes with an intention- several actually- because it is after all January. First, to write as often as feels good, and second, to remember that this is primarily an art blog, so if I haven't got any new crafting to talk about, then it's probably time to get into the studio, not just take pictures of whatever delicious distraction the kitchen may hold.

In keeping with the aforementioned course of December, nothing in particular came to life in the studio. The studio itself, however, did. I am now settled into the biggest, brightest, prettiest, coziest and best organized studio of my wee career. There will certainly be good things coming out of this.

Our cats have been predicting our departure. They always seem to run out of kibble right before we go away somewhere. Sure enough, just as the bag is dwindling, we have a trip to the coast coming up.