the month that flew

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April was the month that flew by. At some point the shade began to feel deliciously cool, though I remember shivering in the sun when the month began. O we had sun, we had snow, we had rain, sleet and hail, and April she changed her mind often. Green has come to us here now, and it is so welcome.

Somehow, with the long bright evenings, I have been pulled back to the studio. I had forgotten how quick it is to hem a few tea towels.


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This spring has brought lilacs on every corner, and slightly spicy apple blossoms. I've rediscovered nail polish (eco water based), which sounds silly, but turns out to be one of those occasional small pleasures. I'm enjoying windows opened wide to the green maple canopy and iced coffee in the afternoons.

We're having a cool reprieve now (in the days since I began this post), and last night I watched the sky flash with lightening and drifted off to heavy pattering rain.

I have new macro tubes... trying to get some details of my fabric out to the world. Cheers!