a sleepy day; nothing much to say

The light this afternoon reminded me of springtime in the Selkirk mountains, the bare trees and dry pavement washed out in cool brightness. I walked home from town in a t-shirt; the air was mild and pleasant.

Work today was redeeming, for both it and I. It helped that today was a tart shift, and began at a somewhat more palatable hour. I like baking the tarts and pastries, and today I somehow did so much more quickly than usual, on pace even with what is expected. If only I could keep the tart days and ditch the early muffin shifts. The early mornings leave me feeling battered. I spent the late afternoon and early evening cocooned in blankets on my bed, somewhere between wakefulness and sleep.

The rabbits are getting so comfortable out in the house. Seven hops in circles around me on the blanket and Zephyr roams, occasionally coming back for little nudges.

IMG_7527 IMG_7583