Right now I'm winding down. I tend to need the house spotless before I can truly relax so winding down for me usually involves cleaning. And sitting still. The rain started in light spatters as I drove home, turned to a steady drizzle as I sat at the table eating yogurt with homemade plum jam, toasted almonds, cacao and maca, with my feet on the heater, and when we went out before dinner to proof our wedding invitations, it was pouring. I can't speak for anyone else, but I feel relief when it rains. The softness of the air soothes me and the continuous patter calms me. Outside, I am refreshed, and indoors, I am cozy.

It's funny, today has been quite lovely and yet I have little to say about it.

J made tortillas tonight and we had such an excellent fresh dinner from them.

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