This morning it was misting lightly, still in darkness. The sun rose to drizzle, then washed sunshine by noon. This afternoon piles of gray clouds occupied the sky. The air was mild and soft, lightened by spring pollen and the twittering of songbirds. Out the window, it was nothing much, an in-between gray, but this spring air speaks welcome in a thousand languages. I was outside to hear the soft static of the rain starting, the singular drops and then the rhythm. I was still seated on the porch rail when the birds changed their song to more liquid warbling (and the neighbor with the leaf-blower was doing WHAT?). The astrology of today is all harsh squares and angles but the weather is restorative. I lingered outside just to breathe it in and be a part of it. Petrichor and the fragrance of blossoms lilted by on a breeze like a breath. Such sweetness in this place, this time of reaching for and gaining light. I sat sleepy and adrift in my mind on the porch, lulled by the sounds around me. I feel like I need to state that my job is not terrible, it's just not right for me. About as suited as a cat in the ocean, perhaps. And almost done, hooray!

This evening, rain and a double rainbow over still-light fields and the calm ocean.

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