Here is our big news, a lot late and still largely lacking photos: we got married on a sunny Friday in March. It was a semi-elopement down on a windy beach in Deep Cove, complete with tidal pools, mussel beds and parents. We really liked the idea of throwing a big party, maybe with lanterns and birch print straws, but ultimately decided to keep things simple and keep costs down. To the probable confusion of many of our near and dear, we still sent out invitations* because we'd still like to have a celebration potluck in the summer. IMG_0206 I really don't know what I'm doing with my feet here.

We have seedlings growing in our front window. First, Calabrese broccoli, white cauliflower blend and wild arugula. Now the Genovese and sweet basil, and small sugar pumpkin have energetically erupted forth, and there is more coming up every day. Jer has been working hard out back, tilling and digging and moving soil to prepare our garden beds, but it looks like we'll need to put up deer fencing before we dare plant anything outside.

Strangely- or maybe not-, being married feels normal. Not different at all really, more of a confirmation of what already was. Like I said to Jer, of course we're married. However, it's been a rather rough few weeks for other reasons. I started a new job with a schedule almost opposite my previous one. It's a good change, but is certainly an adjustment. I'm still figuring out how to restructure the days to include important things like making food and sweeping the house, yoga, art and adventures outside. An even better job with in-between sort of daytime hours (this is good) is now almost certainly on the horizon. I'm excited and I think it'll be pretty awesome but am a little scared because it's more of a 'real job' than any I've ever had. We've also been stressing about selling our cute Nelson house and weird expensive details like the old sewer line that the downhill neighbor suddenly wants moved. You get the idea, there's a lot going on. I've been accused of having been miserable for the last little while, so I guess I've got to work on how I handle change and stress. While it's unfortunately (and hopefully temporarily) true that it takes almost nothing to upset me these days, I would like to say that the weather has been temperamental lately as well. Not to justify my moping and snapping but just that it could maybe be vaguely related seeing as our bodies are made up of water and minerals and such so we are hardly immune to the forces of nature. Recently, a day will brood ominously overcast, burst into sun, suddenly wintery winds pick up and dark clouds loom, then torrential rain for a bit before it's all rainbows and sunshine and it does it all over again. I kind of like this crazy weather, but I aim to mellow, temper, sweeten my reactiveness to it all, and then my husband and I will weather this house and job stuff out.

* Ahem... are still sending out invitations because we haven't managed to ask for everybody's address yet. Hence the elopement.

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