little birds

_MG_6888 It is true, I'll see more of this beautiful sunny day from the couch than I would if I were at work, that the big windows overlooking the lake are letting in a lot of light, that I can while away the day gazing at the changing sky and the movements of the maple tree in the wind. There is even a red squirrel that likes this tree, and leaps from branch to branch exposing its white belly.

But the joy of being out in this day, of participating in regular life under the glow of this bright sky, that must wait. You see, I'm stuck here. I don't want to get into the details, but it involves snowboarding, an injury, swelling and deep purple bruising. Now I'm waiting, with far more T3s than I ever wanted, to heal.

I like to have something to show for myself by the end of the day.

These little birds were inspired by a beautiful bluebird made by my friend Lucy. All are hand needle-felted, with scraps of hand-dyed wool from other projects.





And so it begins again

I have taken a month off work to art about in my studio.

This morning, day one, I woke up exhausted. Today is meant to be a switching gears kind of day. Recovering from work, maybe pulling the last of the root vegetables from the garden and putting some garlic in. Maybe I'll tidy the house a bit so I can focus, and bake something nummy to relax and get my creative energy flowing. As Kristie at work said yesterday, "baking is therapeutic".

So, this is it. Here we go! A taste of real, full-time arting.

I must admit, I have this idea that I'll be able to go for nice walks in the crisp fall air and admire the fiery leaves and misty mountains, and sit about drinking lots of coffee and maybe scribbling in my journal. These things might happen to keep me going.

The real plan though, is to shift into production mode. I need to set up my light table and emulse and burn new screens, cook up some dyebaths (I have some birch bark soaking in the basement that will hopefully yield a sweet rosy shade), do a whole bunch of printing and steaming and rinsing and probably more printing, then some cutting and pressing and pinning and stitching. Hopefully I'll also have time to pound out some more felt and make tea cozies out of it.

Wish me luck!