Onion skins, a walk in the rain, printing

It's pouring rain outside. Still. Inside, my house smells like onions. I'm cooking up onion skins for a dye bath.

Yesterday, a particularly nasty cold caught up with me, and so I rearranged the living room furniture, and went for a walk in the mist between torrential downpours.  Inspired by the onion skins and the heap of onions my small garden produced, I sauteed onions for curried squash soup, then sauteed more onions for burritos. I have a lot of onions, which is great because I'm really excited about the colour the onion skins are producing. It's a rich ruby red right now and I'm curious to see what will happen to the cotton that I'm planning on putting in there. To my local friends, if you happen to feel like saving onion skins for me that would be most delightful.

After a long sleep and many spoonfuls of oil of oregano hidden in honey, I am feeling much better today. This afternoon brought a good rain walk. Perhaps it comes of a childhood spent on Vancouver Island; I find walks in the pouring rain invigorating, and no, I don't carry an umbrella.

Today, too, I began printing. This is the part of the process I most enjoy and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the week with a squeegee in hand.


We have one of those streetlights on our corner that turns on and off at the slightest provocation. This is all very amusing, but I was hoping to see the snow falling in its glow, and it extinguished as I crossed the room, leaving me to stare out into a pale snowy haze, for while it is certainly dark now, it never gets that dark in a snowstorm. So... back in the studio. I am sitting in it now. This is, in fact, the best studio I've ever had. Despite its lack of a sink and smallish size, it has a big window with a spectacular view, and is relatively warm.

Looks like people back home on the Islands are actually having a snow day. I just stayed home because I'm sick.

I have *actually* been making some stuff during this long absence (see, I was using my time wisely).

Here's what I've done:

lilac snowdrop  lilac snowdrop  lilac snowdrop, inside

I made a rough pattern from scraps, then put together a shoulder bag....

the easiest, coolest thing ever

My awesome boyfriend and I used my new printer to make wintergreen transfers. This is incredibly easy. All the tools are in the picture. Essentially, you paint wintergreen oil onto a freshly laser printed or photocopied page, which you have placed face down on some fabric, then rub the image with the back of a spoon until it transfers.

ready to print

I've been dyeing fabric this winter. I have numerous pots and buckets in varying stages of completion. This is quebracho, madder and lac. I got it ready to print on yesterday, but felt too ill to make it past the first layer.