a new approach

Sometimes I long to be a bird. Not so much for flight even, but the intimate knowing of trees. For the spaces between branches to open up to me and for my view of  the world to be framed with fragrant fir fronds. Today is a beautiful sunny day. The moon is full, though out of sight now, and it feels lucky. I'm about to try a new approach in freeing myself from my current job and its shitty hours: praying to the universe for a windfall. Frankly it seems more fruitful and pleasing than a desperate hunt.

We awoke in our new tiny bedroom to so much light. And cats miaowling (one cat, anyway- those who've met her know which one). Yesterday morning I accidentally opened a jar of plum chutney for Jer's toast instead of the lovely jam we were expecting. Today he left without breakfast. Hmmm.


raccoon-eyed day

Outside, snowdrops are coming up in the neighbours' yards. There are bulbs growing in our yard too, though we're still waiting to see what they are. All this evidence of life coming out of cold earth makes me hopeful. This evening, I watched hazy wisps of cloud drift across the full moon as the wind picked up around us. The weather is up to something out there.

I'm hoping for a good sleep tonight. Last night I lay awake for hours and enroute to work at 4:30 a.m. felt strongly motivated to find a job with better hours. I saw my raccoon eyes in the mirror later on, and the resolve strengthened. Nine to five, Monday to Thursday would do nicely, if I must work, though really I would love to just be home baking and painting and living my life. I dropped off a resume at an art store today, but was so tired that I attached my grocery resume instead of my art/retail one. Tomorrow I'll go back and explain myself and buy some gouache.

The rabbits are out as I type this, their soft footfalls surrounding me as they roam.  (They also got on the keyboard again... Seven: /1` ]=\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\, Zephyr: 45, Seven: ?? 65 122222222222)

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