Something wonderful happened this morning. It was so unusual that I stopped to take it in. You see, the sun came up on my way to work. The light came into the bakery in wide shafts.

The cold that everyone else at work has passed around seems to have found me. I have mustered grated ginger and lemon tea with honey, oil of oregano and propolis to help it on its way.

IMG_0332 IMG_7898

reining it in

Today has been a day of catching up. I lay in bed late, head aching too much to want to move. White sunlight streamed through white curtains and bounced off white walls and eventually the bright flaunts of a nice day got me to roll over and put my feet on the floor. When I work the early shift, the house goes a bit feral. I spent the afternoon reining it in.

I meant to be handing out resumes this afternoon but I needed the whole day to catch up at home. I find peace of mind much easier to find when I can clearly see the floor and counters. My horoscope this morning hinted at tension this evening regarding not accomplishing everything I set out to do. I got the tension out of the way early by being hyper defensive about the resumes at lunch with J. We went for a sunset walk along the breakwater later, and I drove and it went okay, and frangipane tarts happened this evening but I'll save those for tomorrow.